The Past Presidents of the Rotary Club of Lansing:

2019-Patrick Hanes

2018-Dennis Fliehman

2017:  Jack Davis

2016-Darwin Brewster

2015-Lisa Smith

2014-John Pence

2013-Jeff Crippen

2012-Susan Carter

2011-Chris Holman

2010-John Cauley

2009-Rachlle Neal

2008-Mark Hooper

2007-John Grettenberger Jr.

2006-Kurt Guter

2005-Denise Schroeder

2004-David E. S. Marvin

2003-Richard Guilford

2002-John C. O’Malia

2001-Michael G. Harrison

2000-Kathleen Gaskin

1999-James Smit

1998-Edward B. McRee

1997-Donald A. Hines

1996-Dave O’Leary

1995-James E. McGillicuddy

1994-Helen Pratt Mickens

1993-P. David Charney

1992-Frank A. Tegge

1991-E. James Barrett

1990-Clyde D. Carnegie

1989-Michael E. Cavanaugh

1988-Kenneth C. Beachler

1987-Wayne H. Williams

1986-Marvin S. Ray

1985-Clarence G. Pincumbe

1984-William M. Pacelli

1983-Jack E. Bates

1982-Robert A. Fisher

1981-James C. Olson

1980-Duane Vernon

1979-Malcolm L. Milks

1978-Louis E. Legg, Jr.

1977-James L. Reutter

1976-Ralph E. Kauffman

1975-Claud R. Erickson

1974-Theodore W. Swift

1973-Paul J. Baker

1972-John I. Nichols

1971-Lewis E. Dail

1970-Ronald D. McDonald

1969-Roland F. Rhead

1968-Charles L. Taylor

1967-C. Bartlett Tenny

1966-Ronald E. Weger

1965-James U. Robinson

1964-William D. Cheney

1963-Louis J. Brand

1962-Richard F. Reynolds

1961-Emery G. Foster

1960-Robert G. Kraft

1959-Henry J. Ponitz

1958-Oliver B. McGillicuddy

1957-Charles W. Elg

1956-Harold W. Glassen

1955-Leonard H. Braun

1954-Richard B. Foster

1953-Donald W. Hansen

1952-Clarence A. Neitz

1951-George G. Madan

1950-C. Gordon Callard

1949-William R. Carlyon

1948-Carl B. Pfeifer

1947-Malcolm H. Milks

1946-John M. Maynard

1945-Fred L. Wohlert, Jr.

1944-Ralph W. Toaz

1943-Reno G. Carrier

1942-Eugene B. Elliott

1941-Thomas H. King

1940-Eugene M. Wanger

1939-John A. Hannah

1938-Claude E. Cady

1937-Edward G. Hacker

1936-Sherman T. Handy

1935-Guy C. Shumway

1934-Everett L. Austin

1933-C. William Otto

1932-Byron L. Ballard

1931-Clarence J. Mears

1930-William C. Geagley

1929-Eric M. Tasman

1928-Fred L. Seger

1927-Floyd W. Estes

1926-Herman H. Halladay

1925-Chester Grey

1924-Harry D. Hill

1923-J. Edward Roe

1922-Arthur E. Hurd

1921-Walter G. Rogers

1920-Charles W. Nichols

1919-Hugo B. Lundberg

1918-Donald E. Bates

1917-M. Ralph Carrier

1916-Clark R. Graves

2020 Grant Application Guidelines
Rotary Club of Lansing Foundation
2020 Local Grant Program
Application Guidelines
Rotary is an international membership organization made up of people who share a passion for and commitment to enhancing communities and improving lives across the world. Rotary clubs exist in almost every country. Our members change lives locally and connect with other clubs to work on local and international projects that address today’s most pressing challenges. Being a member is an opportunity to take action and make a difference, and it brings personal rewards and lifelong friendships in the process.
The Lansing Rotary Club reflects a membership of over 200 outstanding and compassionate civic leaders who enjoy the fun of fellowship and opportunities to collectively make an impact on the Lansing community and the world. Members represent a cross-section of our business and professional community dedicated to a higher standard – Service Above Self.
To reflect the goals of making an impact, the Rotary Club of Lansing Foundation has established an enduring source of revenue where Lansing Rotarians honor the club's creed of "service above self" by supporting charitable endeavors of importance with positive impact on our city, our nation and our world.
Available Resources:
The Rotary Club of Lansing Foundation has budgeted a total of $70,000 for the Local Grant Program for 2020. Awards are competitive.
All applications must make a significant, positive difference in the Lansing community and must address one or more of the following:
  •  Projects serving residents of Ingham, Clinton or Eaton counties
  •   Projects serving an underserved or disadvantaged population
  •   Projects enhancing cultural or economic elements of the community
  •   Projects demonstrating a unique or emerging need that is unmet by another organization
Funding Categories and Maximum Grant Requests:
Each applicant must choose a funding category in which to apply:
Community Grants (grants up to $10,000)
Community Grant is a competitive program to support a nonprofit organization’s mission rather than specific projects or programs. General operating support is the working capital nonprofits need to sustain their day-to-day operations, enabling nonprofits to build a strong and sustainable infrastructure to provide programs and services that will have the greatest impact.
Signature Grants (grants up to $25,000 to $50,000)
Signature Grant is a competitive program for nonprofit organizations that provide funding assistance for the expansion, renovation, or construction of facilities; upgrade of equipment and furnishings to provide an up-to-date environment; and/or provide or increase accessibility to persons with disabilities.
  •  Grants will only be made to organizations and groups that are qualified under Section 501(c)3 of the Internal Revenue Code, or to churches, schools, governmental units, or another Rotary Club.
  •  Grants will be made to projects that serve the residents of Ingham, Eaton, and Clinton counties.
  •  Only one project per organization per grant cycle will be awarded.
  •  All applicants must have a current Rotary Club of Lansing member as a sponsor of their application and provide a letter of support from that member within their application.
Not Eligible for Funding
  •   Grants will NOT be made to cover unrestricted capital campaigns, endowments, litigation costs, religious programming, deficit funding or debt retirement.
  •   Grants will NOT be made directly to individuals.
  •   Projects that received funding from the Rotary Club of Lansing Foundation during the prior two years are NOT eligible in this grant cycle.
  •   Applicants with unmet obligations on prior grants may not apply.
Grant Review Process:
  •  Applications will be reviewed by the Rotary Club of Lansing Foundation Local Grant administrator for eligibility.
  •  A review panel will be appointed and will consist of Rotary Club of Lansing Foundation board members, who are elected on the basis of their familiarity with, and expertise in, a broad spectrum of nonprofit organizations programming and reach. During the review panel meeting, applications are discussed, evaluated and scored according to the guidelines and selection criteria.
  •   The panel may opt to recommend full or partial funding to any eligible applicant.
  •   Decisions of the community review panel may not be appealed.
  •  The Rotary Club of Lansing Foundation board of directors reviews and makes final decisions regarding the community review panel’s recommendations prior to notification and announcement of grants.
Selection Criteria:
Selections for awards will be based on the following in all three funding categories:
  •   Project Description – Complete, descriptive project narrative including the who, what, where, when, why and how. The use of funds must be for a high quality, exemplary project that addresses the Rotary Club of Lansing Foundation purpose.
  •   Impact on Local Community - Merit of the proposed project’s impact upon the local community and target audience.
  •   Management - Feasibility of the project and ability of the organization to undertake and complete the project.
  •  Evaluation and Measurement of Outcomes – description of how and what measures you will use to define success.