What's New at Lansing Rotary
When: Friday, October 20th, 2017
Where: Lansing Center, First Floor
Speaker: Dr. Jeffrey Crippen, Jr.
Topic: "The Fundamental Truths of Green Zone Wellness"
Chair of the Day: Jeff Crippen
Invocator: Bill Guerre
Greeter: Tim Salisbury
Remembrance: Carmen Turner
Editarian: Helen Mickens
Jeff Crippen is a coach, trainer and healer with a passion to help individuals unlock their potential and create the life of their dreams. 
Through his work at the Advanced Coaching & Leadership Center, Jeff has helped individuals, teams and groups on six continents do exactly this through personalized coaching dynamic trainings and transformational teaching.  Through specialized processes and exclusive technologies, he empowers others to transform their lives by living life "In The Zone".
Jeff has applied these principles in his own life to receive a full-ride academic scholarship to a top 10 American University, attain fluency in a second language, finish top 5 in a national business building competition, and graduate as a Doctor of Chiropractic and Certified Traditional Naturopath, all before the age of 26.
Now he is excited to work with entrepreneurs, leaders and seekers to find their passion, unlock their potential and create a healthier, happier more Green Zone planet.
The International Committee is happy to announce that they are currently accepting proposals for international project grants.  Approved grants are normally between $1,000-$5,000, focus on clean water, education, or healthcare, and must be sponsored by an international Rotary Club local to the project or a 501(c)(3) organization.  The deadline for submitting project proposals is October 27th, and proposals can be submitted directly to Al Yambor at albert.yambor@pnc.com.  Please contact Al Yambor, Jenn Dubey, or any member of the international committee with questions.  At the bottom of the Rotogram beneath DOWNLOAD FILES is the Grant Outline.
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The Country Club of Lansing put their gastronomic foot forward treating us to green beans, garlic mashed potatoes and Beef Bourgogne all done to perfection all while the piano in the corner set the stage for another great meeting. It was “grand”. The piano and John D. Smith.
President Darwin Brewster called us to order and after Paula Cunningham, our invocator, thanked God for our unity, blessings and Rotary in eloquence and we then sang “America the Beautiful” in 6 and ½ part harmony. Missy Lilje carried the microphone with her usual dancer’s grace to no guests or visiting Rotarians. Carmen Turner again reported the amazingly perfect health of our club. Keep it up Carmen.
Announcements included the Rotary International Committee now accepting proposals for project grants with a deadline for submission of October 27th. Ken Beachler introduced our special music guest a tiny lady with a big voice. Leah Gerstel is staring in the Broadway revival musical “Falsettos” nominated for 5 Tony Awards. It’s right here in Ingham County November 2 - 12th.  How appropriate for LGBT history month and how can you go wrong with a voice like hers and John Dale’s genius to boot. She and John did “Accentuate the Positive” and “Cry me a River” proud. 
Our chair of the day Lisa Smith’s guest speaker Rotarian and Professor Kenneth McKaye whose topic “Rotary Education and Conservation Initiatives in Africa and Nicaragua” didn’t begin the cover the length and breadth of this man’s accomplishments. It all started with a love for Scuba diving and Ichthyology. As if a PhD in Tropical Ecosystems in Malwi, Africa, weren’t enough he discovered the AIDs epidemic and rather than wringing his hands decided to personally take it on. So he wrote and published a children’s primer “The Hiding Hyena” teaching children the epidemiology of the virus. But he was only just getting started. Having rediscovered the ubiquitous corruption in third world countries he initiated and helped fund at least two NGOs and varied educational self-help projects. The man is a grant magnate and as such is indispensable to organizations like Rotary and UNESCO (when not trashing Israel) who try to work with the vulgar masses. Here, in person, is an example for us all of the worth of a talented motivated altruist.
Next week at the Lansing Center we will hear from Dr. Jeffrey Crippen, Jr. Where have I heard that name before? Anyway “The Fundamental Truths of Green Zone Wellness” sounds pretty interesting. See you there.
Jim McGillicuddy's email is:  sjmcgillicuddy@Comcast.net
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