What's New at Lansing Rotary
When:  Friday, April 27, 2018
Where:  The Crowne Plaza, 925 S. Creyts Road
Speaker:  Dr. Steven Drayer
Topic:  "Robotic Joint Replacement"
Chair of the Day:  Dan Aylward
Invocator:  Nick Heriford
Chair of the Month:  Dan Aylward
Greeter:  Sandy Draggoo
Remembrance:  Diane Sanborn
Microphone:  Susan Angel
Editarian:  Tim Adams
Hello everyone, my name is Steve Drayer. I have been a practicing orthopedic surgeon for 31 years, the last 26 here in Lansing. I attended Wayne State University School of Medicine and upon graduation completed my 5 year orthopedic residency program at Henry Ford Hospital. I currently am in private practice and work out of both Sparrow and McLaren hospitals. My specialties are joint replacement and trauma surgery, although I still practice as a general orthopedic surgeon. I am the head of the Robotics Joint Replacement division at Sparrow Hospital.
I am a enthusiastic outdoorsman who loves to mountain climb, hike, camp and play golf. I am married to a wonderful woman Valerie and we have four children. I have lived these last twenty years in Mason. Thank you for the opportunity to talk to you this Friday.
Irv Nichols was honored as Rotary Club of Lansing, Michigan's Hero
at the District Conference last Saturday evening, April 21st.  President Darwin also attended to witness this honor. 
Irv joined the club when he was 33 years old April 18, 1958 with Fred Wohlert as his sponsor.  He was born in Rocky Mount, North Carolina and came to Michigan to become the Executive Director of the Michigan TB and Respiratory Disease Association in 1957.
April is Paul Harris month.  Please show your commitment to Rotary International Foundation by wearing your Paul Harris pins to each meeting this month.  The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation will match 2-to-1
every $1 that Rotary commits to polio eradication.  Up to 50 million in donations to
Rotary for each of the next three years.  Thank you!
Don’t want to be too aggressive or too optimistic, because this is still Michigan, but all indications are that spring might actually be ready to visit mid-Michigan and stick around for a while. In fact, on this absolutely beautiful Friday, one can almost come to that conclusion. So, with this backdrop, President Darwin called the meeting of the Rotary Club of Lansing to order as the clock struck 12:30 at the Country Club of Lansing.
Long-time Rotarian and friend Jerry Granger gave a very special invocation, focusing on the universal messages of love, serving and healing. Doesn’t get more basic or more sincere than that. The Club than sang a resounding rendition of God Bless American, and don’t tell anyone, but I actually think that both John Pence and Dave Drayton were on key! Susan Angel than moved faster than a speeding bullet to get the Mic to our guests. Someone suggested that Bob Hoffman brought in a ‘busload’ of visitors, and we were soon to learn about the busload of talent he did bring with him. Diane Sanborn gave the health update of the Club and asked everyone to keep our friend Ed McRee in their prayers. Ed is in hospice. She also mentioned that Lisa Smith’s husband, Ed, is back in the hospital. President Darwin began his announcements with a Red Badge presentation to John Collins. Julie Pingston then served as Donna Gardner’s surrogate to remind all Lansing Rotarians (especially the 75% who haven’t gotten there yet) about the importance of contributing to Rotary International for the Paul Harris fund. Checks can be sent to Cathy or directly to Rotary International. Want to make a difference? This is the way! The amount is secondary, but the 100% participation is really important. President Darwin reminded the Club that donations designated to eradicate Polio will be matched 2:1 by Bill Gates. Nick Heriford then gave a quick Rotary Club of Lansing Foundation update about a special project which will enable Lansing Rotary to name a park in the city of Lansing. The location is at the riverfront, in front of the city market. Capital Region Community Foundation is leading this project. I’m thinking this was our Rotary Foundation teaser as more information will follow.
Our music of the day was then introduced by Bob Hoffman (sure hope he was paid overtime for today – he seemed to be everywhere). Kanin Thelen, the 2017 Y-PIF recipient, was introduced by her mom, Michelle. Mom told us that Kanin was shy, but we soon saw that this was only until she began to sing. Kanin wanted to help raise dollars to help her vocal coach, who developed cancer. She decided to do this by singing and asking people to pay her “whatever”, which would go toward her cause, using her gifted voice to do good for others. What a wonderfully gifted talent Kanin is! Watching the expressions on the faces of our head table told it all. Bravo to Kanin for both her talent and her desire and ability to make a positive difference.
Dan Aylward, our Chair of the Month and Chair of the Day then introduced our speaker, Rotarian and friend Bob Hoffman and the Bob Hoffman show. If ever there was a speaker who needed no introduction, it has to be Bob. Bob began with a brief introduction of the ePIFanyNow Pass-It-Forward program and the newest component, the Y-PIF program. Growing out of a memory as an 8 year old, Bob got the idea early on about the power of making people smile by ‘passing it on’. Fast forward to an experience on US-127 that we have all had, a driver in a hurry to cut into traffic, and Bob’s revelation about how to make the world a little better every day, began to form. This led to an idea to contact friends, pool their dollars, give them away and watch people smile in the heart of the recession in 2009. Simple in its brilliance! The first episode was so successful, that he decided to do it again, and again, and again in what became “pass it forward” moments. More than 20 people signed up for the first gathering, which had to be moved to Dublin Square in EL. More than 250 participants showed up and a movement was formed. This is all about the power to impact others, if only with a smile. It is about people’s time and talents and the power of partnering. And partners they have attracted include GM and CBS. The mission which has evolved is elegant in its simplicity. ePIFanyNow is a non-profit, grassroots organization committed to creating positive change. As Bob shared videos of the results of his efforts, smiles (and a few tears) were abundant across the room. Random acts of kindness really do make a difference. That is obvious from the examples Bob shared, and the interest across the globe.
Bob then explained how ePIFanyNow has fostered the development of Y-PIF, a youth passing kindness forward movement. It is about great kids doing great things. Funny how much more appealing this is than the news we see all too often, when kids make bad decisions. As Bob suggested, “Let’s highlight the positive!” Videos told the whole story, and what a good story it is. After learning about past Y-PIF recipients, we learned about current nominees. Very impressive! Rotarians and others can vote for their favorite Y-PIF nominee by visiting www.epifanynow.org. A vote is $1.00 and all the money raised the kids get to keep for their individual projects. New this year is also the “Hero Award”. Bob is onto something. What a concept. Focus on the good and spread the word. Bob concluded this very special presentation about a very special program with information about how people can get involved. On May 6 at MSUFCU on West Road in EL from 1-3 pm, a special program will take place. All are invited. Bob gave a special thank you to MSUFCU for all of their support. Rotarians can also learn more at info@epifanynow.org. As Bob said better than anyone, “we have it within us to make someone’s day and change the world.” Bob, you changed all of our worlds today. Thanks for all you do. Thanks for being a very special person and friend. And just to highlight how aligned Bob’s message is with our own 4-way test, an anonymous Lansing Rotarian was observed making a donation to Kanin for her cause. You know who you are – and all I can say is thank you for making a difference in Kanin’s day. You are quite a person!
Lansing Rotary will meet next week at the Crowne Plaza when Dr. Steven Drayer will be our speaker on the topic of
Robotic Joint Replacement Surgery.  Best to all.
Joe Wald's email is:  jwald71@gmail.com
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