What's New at Lansing Rotary
When:  Friday, April 20, 2018
Where:  The Country Club of Lansing, 2200 Moores River Dr.
Speaker:  Bob Hoffman
Topic:  "The Power Each of Us Have"
Chair of the Day:  Dan Aylward
Invocator:  Jerry Granger
Chair of the Month:  Dan Aylward
Greeter:  Sandy Draggoo
Remembrance:  Diane Sanborn
Microphone:  Susan Angel
Editarian:  Joe Wald
Bob Hoffman started ePIFanyNow™ Pass-It-Forward in 2009. Since then thousands of ePIFanyNow™ participants have been creating a revolution of positive, transformational experiences through acts of kindness. The non-profit was even featured on the national CBS Evening News.
In 2015 the Y-PIF Awards (youth-passing kindness forward) started as a way to honor and recognize youth making a positive contribution to their community. Last year over $9,000 was awarded to local youth and their schools.
Bob will share some of the amazing stories of youth who are making a difference and introduce you to one young lady who was so inspired after winning the Y-PIF Award she is in the process of starting her own non-profit.
This year’s ePIFanyNow™/Y-PIF event is scheduled for Sunday, May 6 from 1 to 3pm at the MSUFCU Headquarters in East Lansing (3777 West Road). New this year will be the first annual HERO AWARD which will be given posthumously to Chris Rosati of Durham, North Carolina. Bob will share Chris’ story and why he was selected to be honored with the first HERO AWARD.
You know Bob as a fellow Rotarian and Public Relations Manager at Wharton Center. Bob is also co-anchors MORNING BLEND on FOX-47.
April is Paul Harris month.  Please show your commitment to Rotary International Foundation by wearing your Paul Harris pins to each meeting this month.  The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation will match 2-to-1
every $1 that Rotary commits to polio eradication.  Up to 50 million in donations to
Rotary for each of the next three years.  Thank you!
Our Friday meeting was called to order by President Darwin Brewster (note, we’re coming up on the annual June roast and Darwin is on the menu, let me know if you have a dish to pass). Glenn Granger succinctly called on the powers that be in his invocation. I left my notes at the office so the rest of this is going to be sewn from whole cloth. We sang a glorious rendition of La Marseillaise accompanied by Madeleine LeBeau (if you’re going to make something up, go big or go home).
Kurt Guter spoke to us about the masterful inverted pyramid scheme engineered by the Paul Harris fellowship. We give the money locally, it filters up through our District and then to International Rotary, sits there for about 2 years (income earned covers Rotary Int’l admin costs) and then the principal is returned to be used for international, district and local clubs to fund great Rotary projects. We really want 100% club participation this year, even if you give $1, $10 or whatever fits your budget and whatever you give is matched dollar for dollar by the Gates Foundation! Bonus!
As is our custom, we had special music and in introducing it, Ken Beachler paid special tribute to Ed McRee, under whose presidency special music was made an official part of our weekly meeting. Ed McRee is in hospice care and regrettably, likely to soon meet the powers that be mentioned by Glenn Granger in his invocation. Godspeed. Our singer today was another Haslett High School student, Adam Krause.  I don't remember the name of the song, but I do remember him singing about a river.  His voice was incredibly low and the tonal quality remarkably consistent and the emotional content made you feel it as he sang it. Cudos to John Dale Smith for his stellar accompaniment.
Our speaker of the day, Father Francis Limo Riwa, was introduced by Barb Lezotte. Father Francis told us of his work in Kenya, including 3 schools (one for orphaned boys, one for orphaned girls and one for those afflicted with AIDS). There’s probably more in last week’s Rotogram about the programs he’s developed than I can remember here, so feel free to go back a week for more details. Father Francis was in Michigan to attend a college graduation of one three female students who attended his St. Clare Centre for Girls, attended and completed her undergrad at Adrian and secured work at Deloitte. When asked about the sustainability of his programs, he heaped praise on the US as making a difference with its generosity. He went on to emphasize that he holds his students accountable and essentially asks them to tithe and pay it forward. One success story was that of a former student who returned and serves as a doctor for the St. Clare community. Many questions were asked by curious Rotarians (inquisitive, not weird Rotarians). President Brewster thanked our speaker and sent us on our way.
Kevin Schumacher's email is:  Schumacher@glassenrhead.com
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